Anna Hjalmarsson


Anna Hjalmarsson is a Swedish sound artist and DJ based in Stockholm and Frankfurt am Main. Her work with composition and sound design is grounded in a broad practice of artistic research. Coming from a background of punk and experimental music, Anna Hjalmarsson has in the last years established a decisive practice as a techno musician and DJ that is deeply bound to her artistic practice.

Spread throughout a series of artistic and poetic approaches, Hjalmarsson’s soundwork is in a constant exchange with the debris fields of memory and the mythologies that inhabit matter: The tracing and invoking of buried, faded, forlorn sounds, are a recurring source of her musical artworks, seeking out memories, interweaving them with the material contemporary.

In her recent project Echoes from the club — a project realized during the pandemic — Hjalmarsson entered the empty spaces of Robert Johnson in Offenbach, Germany, for a set of field recordings that collected lost sounds and traces of noise from the space, mounting them into a set of samples and loops.

With her latest installation Lockrop, Hjalmarsson created an installation that is inspired by Scandinavian folk music as well as archaic sounds from domestic environments of human habitation. The title refers to the Swedish word Lockrop that describes calls and singings that are used to allure or attract other living beings. Scandinavian folk music entails a rich tradition of sounds and instruments; some which are designed to communicate with animals as well as the spirit world. For this installation, she focussed on the harmonic series so create an alluring yet uncanny setting in the outdoor exhibition space OADE in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.